Public List of Bugs / Feature Requests

Is there a thread or centralized place online that only shows a list all known issues or feature requests?

I recently got a Slate AX and am running into what I think are bugs. Something like Github issues or even just a stickied thread on this forum with all the upcoming bugs/new feature requests would be helpful to check if the issue is already known or to see what’s coming up in the next releases.

No. The thread are just here and there and messed up.

For bugs we have handreds of bugs fixed. Only a small part is mentioned on the forum.

@yuxin.zou can give you are rough plan, maybe.

Feature development plans for firmware are influenced by so many factors, such as the chip, the product, the actual results, and the impact of features on performance …
Therefore, we are unable to pre-announce the feature list for the next release for the time being. Although we would hope to do so.

It is now possible to state that we have the following targets in version 4.2:

  • Add Parental Control feature
  • Add IPv6 support to VPN
  • Add support for FTP, NFS protocols in Network Storage
  • Add formatted disk featrue to Network Storage
  • Restructure Drop-in Gateway feature with new solution to reduce network interference
  • Restructure of MAC Clone to make it more suitable for use cases
  • Improved Repeater misoperation logic, e.g. no further reconnection in case of password error
  • Improve VPN export to support manual setting of external network address
  • Improved Clients to support clearing traffic statistics