Publickey in Wireguard client

I need the publickey from Wireguard client for my Wireguard server on Qnap nas, but i cant see it anywhere? Is there a way to find it?

You can generate it if you have the matching Private Key.

My challenge is Qnap where the Wireguard server is, you cannot download a file to the Wireguard client. It must be done manually. When I press: “Add peer” a “public key” must be entered from the Gl.Inet router and I cannot find it

You need to generate a key pair for the client yourself - share the public key with server and put the private key in the client file

Thank you, Can you guide me please, how to do it?

You need to bone up on how it all works - here is a good place to start:
Then you can generate a config file here:

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I like this config generator better, as if you have either the server’s public or private key, you can generate additional configs (easily): Wireguard Config Generator

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Thanks a lot, now works perfectly