Puli AX how to reliably connect cellular to 5G?


I want to use the Puli AX router with a cellular connection. Often it takes a long time to get the cellular sim card to connect to 5G. I try a mix of auto-setup, lock tower and reboot in the admin panel. after 1 or 2 hours I usually get the signal and it works then all day at super high speeds. When I turn off the router in the evening the problem starts again on the next day after starting the router. Usually it connects to 3G or 4G connection and only after extensive efforts it connects to 5G. I really do not know what I am doing but eventually 5G works.
Are there some tips you can give to reliably connect to 5G?

You can set the modem preferences to 5G using AT commands. There are many tweaks that you can do using AT commands to make a connection more reliable.

Please search the forum for AT commands as I have many posts on that subject and the full manual for AT commands.

I would start with upgrading the modem firmware. Please review the following page from support to perform the update.

thanks for the tips. I will try both options in the morning when I struggle to connect.Right now having smooth 5G internet.

I would make sure you download the files now according the steps so you have it on your device when you are ready to execute.