Puli GL-XE300 EP06E Firmware

I was following this guide as I experienced subpar speeds at my location compared to what is expected of a CAT6 modem.

The firmware I had installed was EP06ELAR03A08M4G
The one I installed is EP06ALAR02A08M4G

Ever since I get a "SIM card cannot be registered" despite having the correct APN settings.
I am unable to find the firmware for EP06E elsewhere.

Is your module itself EP06A or EP06E?

The module is EP06E, initially with EP06ELAR03A08M4G firmware.

I uploaded one here EP06ELAR04A22M4G
Can you upgrade and try it?

That worked but the following values and changed

ul_bandwidth went from 20M to 5M
dl_bandwidth went from 20M to 5M

And the speeds cratered to 3Mbps/0.1 Mbps

Is your firmware 4.0?
What is your sim card carrier?

OpenWrt 22.03.4 r20123-38ccc47687
Kernel Version 5.10.176

Bharti Airtel India

  1. Ensure that the apn is correct
  2. You can insert your sim card into your phone and see what channel it is on.
    Then select the same channel on the router
  3. Take a look at this AT command
  1. APN is correct. Used the same profile before and gotten 30Mbps/6Mbps.

  2. Channel 1 and 40 were used before in the same location. On both I had:

  • ul_bandwidth 20M
  • dl_bandwidth 20M

Now it is defaulting to band 5. After this
ul_bandwidth 5M
dl_bandwidth 5M

If I set the band to 1 or 40, I get much better speeds although now for both I get

  • ul_bandwidth 10M
  • dl_bandwidth 10M

As I understand this the downlink frequency or modulation in MHz? Is this something that can be managed? Because it might not be.

+QMBNCFG: "List",0,1,1,"ROW_Generic_3GPP",0x06010821,202307171
+QMBNCFG: "List",1,0,0,"Telstra-Commercial_VoLTE",0x06800118,202112171
+QMBNCFG: "List",2,0,0,"Volte_OpenMkt-Commercial-CMCC",0x06012064,202107271
+QMBNCFG: "List",3,0,0,"OpenMkt-Commercial-CU",0x06011510,202109061
+QMBNCFG: "List",4,0,0,"TW_Mobile-Commercial_VoLTE",0x06800201,201712042
+QMBNCFG: "List",5,0,0,"Commercial-DT-VOLTE",0x06011F25,202008051
+QMBNCFG: "List",6,0,0,"Commercial-KT",0x0601280D,202111231
+QMBNCFG: "List",7,0,0,"Commercial-Reliance",0x06011B34,201904021

It is working and I am getting more stable speeds now after the upgrade. Definitely a resolved issue for me. I did have to tinker around with the bands and reboot the router a couple of times for it to pick up a faster band.

Also I managed to get the original firmware EP06ELAR03A20M4G from Quectel forums, which at first sight looks and performs about the same. But I have kept using the firmware from this comment which seems to perform better and more stable

You can also try changing the mbn file

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