Puli gl-xe300 issue with 4G APNs


I have a puli device which i am using with a 4G sim card.
everytime i power off the device and turn it on, APNs resets to the standard settings. so everytime I have to login into the webui and change it manually with the correct one.

it’s like if it does not save the APN I type in.

this is really frustrating, can you help me out? I am using the latest firmware version available.

Is there maybe a way to write the settings even in luci?

Thx, Mario

I think you need the latest beta.

Testing beta 4 hopefully it will resolve my issue thanks for your help

Hi! I resolve issue with downgrade firmware to 3.200

3.201 has a bug that the modem configuration may be changed (by the auto configure script) when you reboot the router.

This is fixed in 3.203 beta.