Pure Vpn setup

Hi im using the Opal router and I can’t seem to get the vpn client to connect. Can someone please assist me.

I’d suggest downloading one of their Wireguard config files rather than OpenVPN anyway (much better performance) - also check DNS settings (I’m sure rebind off / something do with checking all clients helped) - but I’m running PureVPN Wireguard and works well

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  • WireGuard Recommendation: Seconding the WireGuard suggestion; it’s significantly superior.
  • Configuration Download: Visit Member Area | Manual Configuration (purevpn.com) to download your preferred WireGuard configuration.
  • MTU Adjustment: While configuring, remember to modify the MTU to 1280. This is especially important for cellular connections; it enhances performance.
  • IPv6 MTU Reference: For more insights, read Fixing an old hack - why we are bumping the IPv6 MTU (cloudflare.com).
  • Persistent Keepalive Setting: Also, ensure the persistent keepalive is set to 21. This helps maintain stability.

Thank you so much. Also when downloading these settings and it asks to select a device, do I select DD-WRT?

Yes. When you upload the configuration to the router, the only change at that point will be the MTU to 1280.

![16935258143152096032267692318524|375x500](upload://hE2FE7O8hDPK0AFF7YuWbut 6vVK.jpeg)
So I’ve done that but it’s still not working. I just inserted the configuration manually and added the MTU

AND also I’m doing this via the wireguard client?

I would delete that image as it has sensitive information regarding your configuration. When you connect to the VPN using the main page, are you connecting using Global Proxy?

I honestly have no idea lol

If you are successfully on the internet, once you have setup that configuration file, all you should have to do is start it.

An alternative that has worked for me is take the allowed IPs, delete Then add:,,

Those additional IPs cover all the public internet on IPv4.

Thank you so much ill try that now. Another thing is I am in China and trying to do this. Would that affect anything with regard to the settings

The great Chinese firewall might be blocking these connections.

Oh well that didn’t work either. I honestly don’t know what else to do. But thank you so much again for all your help.

Yeah that’s the main reason I want to have a vpn router.

Make sure to connect to 1 of the PureVPN servers located in China.

Best VPN for China in 2023 | Mashable.

There are other VPN providers that have specific servers located in China.

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