Push DNS over .ovpn

I use a few different VPN servers (as some things like Prime UK only work on Nord but I prefer Wireguard so don’t always use it).

What I’m wondering is how to set Nord DNS for OpenVPN without affecting the DNS at other times, so was hoping to push DNS settings via the .ovpn config file if that’s possible

Any tips on if it’s possible to define DNS on a per confg basis like this?

Are you referring to NordVPN? If so, NordVPN uses their own DNS servers by default when connected only.

In the latest firmware, it support push dns from the vpn server.

Remember not to set up custom dns servers on the router.

That didn’t seem to work but I’ve added the line dhcp-option DNS to .ovpn and that I think is working

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You must have set up Admin Panel → MORE SETTINGS → Custom DNS Server which overrides NordVPN using their own DNS servers by default.

I was going to suggest adding the “dhcp-option” line. You can add 2 separate lines for both NordVPN DNS servers (, for redundancy.

Generally the server can push dns options without having these in the ovpn. But if you can add that could be good.

How can you get NordVPN to push the “dhcp-option DNS” option to the client?