Quectel EC25-E firmware upgrade on MiFi

Hi all,

I would like to ask how can the firmware of the LTE modem within the GL-MiFi be upgraded to the latest version?
I have been experiencing significantly lower speeds than are achievable with the same service on different device within same location and also random disconnects and was advised to look into updating the firmware of the LTE modem.

The modem ID is EC25EFAR02A08M4G and GL-MiFi is running with latest firmware v3.201.

I would be gratefull if anyone can post a link to the latest firmware and a simple how-to guide for upgrading under LuCi/Openwrt environment.


I don’t think it can be upgraded over the air.

Can we check your current LTE configuration first? I replied your email.

I’d like to upgrade EC25-E too, my is EC25EFAR06A01M4G. I found QFlash tool on quectel website and compiled it to run on MiFi router. They forwarded me to your support to get the newest firmware. Could you share it with me?

I am asking Quectel to give me the latest firmware. Hope they can send to me ASAP.

Pls give me the output of AT command



Pls send via private message

Thanks for firmware. I was able to flash it on MiFi router.

I had to compile QFirehose on PC using openwrt cross compile for mips 24kc arch.

After it I had to connect USB drive and make extroot, because firmware was too big for MiFi flash.

Flashed succesfully and new version is visible in webgui.

Another option is to buy mini PCIE adapter and flash it on PC.

Wow! How is the performance?

Well, I was having “No service”. After update it’s still the same so it’s probably hardware problem in the modem or antenna. Anyway thanks for help.

Could you share details on how you flash it? I want to flash new firmware for EC25-G

Could I get the precompiled QFirehose?

You need to prepare environment to compile QFirehose yourself for proper architecture of your router (I wasn’t able to connect Quectel directly to PC, otherwise you can flash it from your computer).

Extroot is needed, because firmware is too big to upload it to router. Finally I copied compiled binary and ran it on router through SSH.

You should get files from @alzhao.

Oh, you could flash it directly from PC? I do have a MiniPCIe to USB adapter.

Do you mind sharing where to find the QFirehose source? Is this the same thing? GitHub - Biktorgj/qfirehose: Quectel Firehose Recovery application