Quectel UC20, chan_dongle and Asterisk

Hi everybody,

I’m working with Quectel UC20 GSM module and Asterisk in order to manage voice calls, I know chan dongle was developed for Huawei USB key, but, in theory, according to the manual, it could work with this module, in fact it work well with SMS.

When I try to call a number from an external phone I can answer, but I can’t hear any kind of sound, and the asterisk interface says: “ERROR, AT^DDSETX failed”, I think this is caused by the type of command made only for Huawei devices, there any possibilty to “patch” this command for my module?

Moreover I already tried to configure audio over USB from module with:


and after that I can see data stream on minicom during a call, so it works good, but in asterisk if I check the dongle0 status I see Voice: NO

I hope there’s a possible patch,


Sorry don’t have experience in voip.