Question about bands for verizon

I understand that the best outcome is derived by using a sim that presently works in a phone. Where I live one band that is used for verizon is B66 but there is also B13 B2 B3 B4. When I use a modem that supports several of these but not all does that mean that I need a different modem? When I look at Verizon Wireless - United States - Wireless Frequency Bands and Device Compatibility it does not show B66 but I know that verizon uses it here. Is it just a matter of new firmware to get the EC25V to do band B66? WHere can I find the tables that show what bands are supported?

You can find this information on Quectel’s website.

Which product can take the epo6-a please?

EP06-A is supported in all LTE class products.