Question About DNS Address in WireGuard Config File

Hey there,
I noticed something while exporting the WireGuard config file. It’s showing a DNS address of I’m curious why it’s exporting a DNS address from another country ?
considering I want to keep my home location while I’m aboard. If I understand correctly, setting up a different DNS means I want to hide my location, correct?

  • VeriSign This is also a public and free DNS service, and it is popular among internet users because it offers protection against online threats and malware. Verisign also provides customized DNS filtering and advanced system for detecting threats. Its primary DNS Server’s IP address is, and its secondary Server’s IP address is

okay, so it’s better to keep the dns or specify my router address so i don’t use any dns.
I’m saying this because I want to keep my home location while i’m abroad, And don’t show any indication that I’m not at home.

specify your home router dns address