Question about NAS and Home Network

I’d like to never be able to access my home network storage through my AR300M.

My router IP and my NAS IP are different, is it possible to make sure that I cannot access the network storage through the gl-inet router?

Could you draw a topology diagram?

Not sure exactly how to draw a topology diagram but hopefully this explains it a bit.

Main AP (with connected storage drive) > Gl-inet > My device [Main AP is connected to Gl-inet via WISP]

Gl-inet shows the connected storage drive from the main AP to my device.

What I would like is:

  • Devices connected to the Main AP can see the connected storage drive
  • Devices connected to the Gl-inet AP cannot see the storage device of the parent network

That’s strange, if your Gl-iNet router is in WISP mode, it is opening another network, that’s why you have two different IP in the main network and in the network of your Gl-iNet. It should not be possiable to acces your main network.

I have also a Gl-iNet router in WISP mode connected to my main network. I have also two different IP adresses and I can’t see in the other network, neither way.

Try to disable UPnP service in your Gl-iNet router and restart, this should prevent your devices in your Gl-iNet network to discover other devices.