Questions about configuring Adguard within a Flint2 Router

I have the GL-iNet (6000) Flint2 router with Adguard Home enabled.
Is there anymore cofiguaration that I should do within the settings of Adguard?
Like for example DNS settings, or DHCP settings or in the general settings of Adguard?
All of that is already setup in my GL-iNet router settings but do I also need to set those things up inside on Adguard too?
Thank you very much.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

You have to do all the DNS settings again in Adguard since the normal DNS server won’t be used anymore.

ok thank you very much admon.
so I will just follow the instructions inside of Adguard for DNS
that should be it? there shouldn’t be anything else I need to do, correct?
Everythnig is working fine, ecxcept my Roku TV has issues when I have the VPN activated. Maybe once I setup the DNS inside on Adguard my Roku issue will be resolved

Most important: Upstream DNS should be set to something trustworthy. Maybe quad9 ( for example or the Adguard Public DNS

That’s normal. Some streaming services don’t allow VPN usage. If that’s the case, you have to create custom VPN policies to exclude the domains.

Hi Admon;
Do you know where I can find instruction on how to to create custom VPN policies to exclude Roku?

Well, not really.

Here is a tutorial how to create VPN policies at all: VPN Dashboard - GL.iNet Router Docs 4
Make sure to choose “Based on the target domain or IP”

But now you have to figure out which domains / IPs Roku uses.