Questions about Convexa-B in Mesh mode

Hello Guys

I just successfully deployed three Convexa-B as Mesh modes. Just came up couple of questions.

  1. Can I manage the sub-nodes via IP addresses?
  2. It seems I can only manage the main node via IP address. If I did a manual upgrade on the main node, will the sub-nodes upgrade as well?
  3. Do the USB and LAN ports work on the sub-nodes?

Thank you

  1. You can use ssh to login sub-nodes, but not WebUI
  2. You can upgrade the main node, then sub-node will be upgraded via main node automatically.
  3. LAN/WAN ports all work as LANs on sub-nodes, but USB ports only support external usb hard drive/stick but not other functions.
    btw, if you use sub-node USB for hard drive sharing, you need use the sub-node lan ip address to connect the samba net-drive.

Thank you very much.