Questions about Convexa-B in Mesh mode

Hello Guys

I just successfully deployed three Convexa-B as Mesh modes. Just came up couple of questions.

  1. Can I manage the sub-nodes via IP addresses?
  2. It seems I can only manage the main node via IP address. If I did a manual upgrade on the main node, will the sub-nodes upgrade as well?
  3. Do the USB and LAN ports work on the sub-nodes?

Thank you

  1. You can use ssh to login sub-nodes, but not WebUI
  2. You can upgrade the main node, then sub-node will be upgraded via main node automatically.
  3. LAN/WAN ports all work as LANs on sub-nodes, but USB ports only support external usb hard drive/stick but not other functions.
    btw, if you use sub-node USB for hard drive sharing, you need use the sub-node lan ip address to connect the samba net-drive.

Thank you very much.

I also am trying to set up a mesh with the four B1300 I have. Is it necessary to start the configuration with the main node with 192.168.8.* subnet, i.e. the main node has to be

Is there a way for me to create log files for the master and the client? My two b13000, one set as a master and its client is 5 feet away. It has been 10 minutes, and while the master shows a solid mesh light, the client mesh light remains slowly flashing…

You do not need to start using 192.168.8.* subnet.

Maybe you can retry the process. the main node has to have a WAN cable connected.

Thanks, but I can tell you that the Master, which I have been using for a while (in non-mesh mode) did not form a Mesh, in fact did not even appear as the Master in the Mesh tab, until I factory reset the Master. I don’t know which of my settings that got cleared in the reset was the cause of the initial failure.

Do you mean after reset it works now?

Partially. Please see my own thread,
“B1300 Mesh” (B1300 Mesh - #3 by limbot)