Questions about EFR32 module


I have some questions about the EFR32 module that come with the GL-AP1300 and GL-S1300.

  • Out of the box, the module is configured for BLE. Would you be able to provide the Zigbee (EZSP) firmware for this module?
  • I assume module is programmable via the debug pins labelled in the datasheet. Is this the case?
  • The S1300 comes with 2 separate stamp headers (BLE/UART and Zigbee/SPI). Is the EZSP firmware therefore SPI-only, and does the module have to be moved to the SPI header after reprogramming to Zigbee?
  • The AP1300 only has one stamp header. Is this header capable of both UART and SPI?
  • Would it be possible to have pinouts for these stamp headers?


The EFR32 module maybe flashed with BLE or Zigbee firmware, but unfortunately you cannot switch between the two firmware on the air.

The module can use SPI or UART, it does not matter BLE or Zigbee.

For AP1300 I am not sure what is the header. It maybe SPI, need to config.

Cannot modify the hardware to have pins.

Thank you for the quick response!

Can you provide the Zigbee firmware? I am able to remove the module and flash manually if this is necessary; If you could provide instructions that would be useful.

Yes we can. Just need some time to prepare everything, including docs.

Do you want to manage Zigbee devices? What is your tech level in managing zigbee?


Yes, I want to use the router as a smart gateway for Zigbee devices, using zigbee2mqtt in Docker along with some other software.

I have experience with this on other platforms, but the integrated nature of AP1300 appeals.

Sorry for that AP1300 by default comes with BLE which cannot be transferred to Zigbee.

do you want to install docker on the router?

That’s no problem; I only mentioned AP1300 as I noticed it had an EFR32 module also. But I’m happy to use only the S1300 for this.

Yes, I’d like to run Docker, and upstream OpenWRT now supports this, but if there are any issues with I can run on the base OS also.

The main concern right now is getting EZSP firmware onto the EFR32, and being able to communicate with it via UART and/or SPI.

If you get it working, would you mind publishing how you did it as I also have a S1300 and have been using docker with plain OpenWRT without Zigbee.

FYI when I purchased the router I just sent them an email that I wanted the Zigbee firmware and not the ble one.