Questions about Spitz AX (GL-X3000)

Today I ordered Spitz AX (GL-X3000). A questions I had before ordering but trusting it will provide features I have with GL-AX1800 (wireguard, Adguard, DDNS, Guest WiFi with VPN policies etc.)

My questions are:

1- Will Spitz AX have a DDNS service built-in ?
2- Mobile networks do not provide dedicated IPv4 I believe, how will it impact NAS connected with this router ?
3- Wireguard server, does it work? Without a proper IPv4 ?
4- I am currently using 5G router that has to be close to window for a good reception otherwise it switches to 4G in other locations. Can WiFi antenna extender wire be used to have WiFi antenna elsewhere for a better WiFi signals ?

5- Will Gl-inet mobile app work with it?

Hi, I have one and I can answer to the question from my experience:

  1. yes, exactly the same as GL-AX1800;
  2. can’t answer’
  3. yes, I tried without issue, using the DDNS;
  4. Probably yes
  5. Yes, it works.

Hope this helps.

My answers to questions 1 and 5 are the same as @pierocafa .
For questions 2 and 3, the mobile network does not provide public IPv4, so you cannot access your NAS or WireGuard server via the internet when the device is internet connected with SIM cards. DDNS also requires a public IP to work.

For question #4 Have WiFi antenna elsewhere for a better WiFi signals?
Perhaps yes. If these is a concrete wall to block the Spitz AX WIFI signal, to put a WIFI antenna around the concrete wall may increase the WIFI coverage. But if with wood wall or in open area, Spitz AX WIFI signal is good enough.

my bad about the question 3.
Via GSM it does not work.

Depends on the NAS. Synology using quickconnect would very likely still work as Synology will be acting as relay.

Services such as Astrorelay could very much help out for mobile networks.

How could the GL.iNet API on Spitz AX and therefore fimware 4.x be used ?

Thank you everyone for your response.
What are WiFi antenna connectors type on the router? SMA, male or female? Which side is male or female.

WIFI interface on Router is

Cellular interface is

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I think 1st cable in 1st picture will be compatible with router’s WiFi interface and not 2nd picture ?

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Correct. But not suggest use so long cable as big signal reduction.

Any news on the GL.iNet API on Spitz AX and fimware 4.x ?

We are preparing it, probably within this week. When it’s available, you can access it from Homepage - GL.iNet Docs 4 (

About 5), how?

What is the version of your app? The old App is not compatible with Spitz AX.

Current Google Play / Webpage version.
I thought that was the point of: “5- Will Gl-inet mobile app work with it?”

Somehow I misunderstood the answer,no problem, thank you for clarifying.

Can you view the version of the App? If you need manage Spitz AX, it must update to 2.2.0 or above version.

Thank you. Of course sorry, 2.1.0 is the current Google Android version delivered, tried beta channel.

Works now, current Android version 2.2.2 :slight_smile:
Thank you!