Questions about the Flint 2 (GL-MT6000)

Does the new Multi-WAN capability with “…multi-link aggregation” mean that we will be able to use a bonding / redundancy service like Speedify with Flint 2?

Is it Dual Band? Tri-Band? Quad-Band?

It won’t be the same as speedify, multilink aggregation means load balancing, there may be a problem with the description here, we will change it asap.


Is the main different between v1 and v2 are the two 2.5gbs ports?
I would highly suggest GL to make all the ports to be 2.5gbps, to stand out from other brands.

I think connecting one 2.5gbps to WAN, and connecting the other 2.5gbps port to a 2.5gbps switch, VLAN could not be manged well unless using a managed switch (but not a dumb switch).

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More than just the addition of dual 2.5G ports, WIFI was increased to the AX6000 and Wireguard speeds were increased to nearly 1G.

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AX6000 is just a marketing gimmick.
I would rather it support WIFI 7.

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I have two questions about this router:

  1. I think, the Flint 2 router’s CPU is enough powerful to handle multiple VPN connections simultaneously. But does it’s firmware allows this?

I mean, in case to use multiple WAN in load balance mode (not failover!), than can this router make VPN client connection separetly for each WAN connection?

Something similar to TP-Link’s TL-R470T+ load balance router, which has up to 4 WAN ports and for every port exist primary and secondary connection. Primary for connecting to the internet, and secondary connection for the same WAN for connecting to VPN provider. (But this router is old, and there is no option for OpenVPN or Wireguard, just for L2TP).

It would be very useful, if could Flint 2 have this feature, because as far as I know, the other GL.iNet routers can work only in failover mode and one VPN connection, even if there exist more WAN connections.

  1. Is there option in menu in multi WAN mode to use at least two or more wired WAN connections?

Thanks in advance for answer!

That’s not even a thing yet.

WiFi 6e is not even used on most devices, you maybe get a Samsung phone to connect to 6e, realistically, 7 is really years away.

I think I will skip Wifi 7 and just wait for Wifi 8 or 9.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I hope I get answers to my questions from GL.iNet team :thinking:

Does anyone know the total height of Flint 2? I’ve seen the 233 x 137 x 53mm dimensions, but I assume that’s the the box itself without the antenna’s. Also, the antenna’s seem to be fixed in a 90° angle, or are the adjustable?

I’m asking as I have one in pre-order and the location I have in mind for it is limited in height…

Flint 2 antennas are just like Flint, they’re fixed foldable and can be adjust in 180 degrees angle the maximum.

The approximate height is as the attached diagram.


Many thanks for this information!

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