Questions about the new GL-AR750S-EXT Slate firmware (V4.3.10)

Hello, I currently have the AR750S model, this model appears on the website in the list of discontinued devices, I have the software version v3.2.16, and when I search for automatic updates on my router there are none available, however on the download website official the latest version is V4.3.10, my question is: is it safe to download and install this new version of software? Why doesn’t it appear in the list of automatic updates on my router? I suppose that this new version has significant improvements, and I would like to try it, what do you recommend? Should I download and install the new version of the firmware?

My question is that I see in the v4.3.7 version notes there are several precautions for loss of functionalities, it does not include file sharing, captive portal, etc., if I install the most current version (V4.3.10) do I also lose all these functionalities? Can I install the File Sharing, Captive Portal options later?

AFAIK the features removed in 4.3.7 are also not present in 4.3.10. After I installed 4.3.10 I was able to install vanilla openwrt Samba file sharing using a combination of luci and command line. I suspect other vanilla openwrt services can be installed as long as sufficient space, just not with the nice simple gl.inet admin page. I also expanded file system space an sd card and extroot, relocated log files to the sd card so they survive reboots, etc.

The captive portal function, is what you add the portal on the router itself. We removed it because not too many users use that. But it should also not present in 3.x firmware.

If you mean connecting to a wifi with captive portal it is not affected.

For file sharing, you can install plugin if not present.