Random Disconnects from Brume every 2 seconds

Hey everyone,

I’m really unexperienced. I have 0 knowledge, but I’m trying my best to explain.

I purchased the GL-MT2500 Brume 2 and the Slate AX GL-AXT1800.

I plugged in the Brume into my Router which is a Fritzbox 4690.

Brume WAN ↔ Fritzbox LAN

Then I have the Slate AX connected from Slate AX LAN to Brume LAN, so I can access the Brume via the Slate AX. I setup a Wireguard Server on the Brume.

My Goal is to access my home network via wireguard. Everything is working fine. I can connect via wireguard and I’m in my network.

But when accessing and loggin in, I get disconnected or lets better say logged out like every 2-3 seconds and I have to login again. Sometimes it’s even displaying no connection found etc. I couldn’t find any other topics with my problem.

What could be the issue?

Make sure that the network does not overlap.

So you can’t use 192.168.8.x on both, the Brume and the Slate. Guess this is the case, currently?

Ahh ok that sounds plausible. I haven’t configured anything yet and I think youre 100% correct.

Can you explain how can I could change that? :x