Random Wireguard Location

Hello, is it possible to make the modem change the position of the wireguard vpn connection autonomously at every reboot or after a certain time? If I set Italy, Ireland, Germany, etc… Can it rotate between the set ones? Thank you very much

A function like this isn’t integrated, you must script something by yourself then.

Please bear in mind that simply changing the VPN location does not ensure increased privacy.

To achieve this, you would always have to delete all browser data and log in again each time. Spoken of this, there is actually no way around a disposable operating system like Tails.
Whether this is worth the effort is up to you to decide.

For a quick change of environment, I recommend a subscription to Mullvad.net and the use of the Mullvad browser: Free the internet. With the Mullvad Browser.

It’s not a privacy problem but a speed problem, new server new speed… Or iff it a problem on one server

A speed problem? That sounds weird. Why should speed be coupled to the VPN server?