RANGE? GL-AR750S or GL-AR300M-Ext

So it’s clear that the GL-AR300M-Ext has a much better range than the GL-AR150-Ext-2

but what about GL-AR750S vs GL-AR300M-Ext ?

I know the GL-AR750S has 5ghz but that’s more about speed than range. Any comments? Please help. THANKS

They are the same range coverage. But the antenna of AR300M-Ext is detachable, you can change a high-quality antenna with large coverage, while AR750S can’t.

… but FWIW, and I have nothing but my own casual observations, but my AR-750S has crazy range. I’m surprised how far I can go (at least compared to other travel routers) on both 2.4 and 5GHz.

Thank you! That’s very good to know. Even casual observations are good!!

(Plus they don’t enforce National limits; my 5Ghz is turned up to 30dBm :slight_smile: )

I don’t think you are right. AR750S don’t have any signal amplifier. It respect regulations.

5G max 20dbm. You can set 30 in luci but that change nothing.

Aw … - but this means that the Slate carries a signal even better than I’d thought!

That is good to know.
But we do comply to FCC and CE. So you don’t expect there is a big signal amplifier inside. 30dbm will be very expensive I think.

… actually, I see I’d had it as “23 dBm”, not “30”, but now that I know it’s meaningless I’ll reset it.

Aren’t there countries where more power is allowed on 5GHz, though? How are they handled?

Are we using DFS (on the applicable channels) in the US?

A device cannot be designed to its limits for all countries.

DFS is not supported in the router now by regulation, not by hardware.

OK thanks.

… but for a while, mine went to “11” :slight_smile: