RDP from master router to AR300M

Can we really not communicate with devices on 2 different routers?

My need:
My master router is a D-link tri-band and AR300M is connected with cable connection in DHCP mode.
I use a desktop at home which connects to an AP on the D-link router.
I have another laptop which connects to the AR300M AP.
I want to be able to RDP from my desktop to my laptop while they are connected to different AP’s.

It should be possible if the AR300M has an IP from the master router. Maybe some port forwarding from Luci?

Any help appreciated.

Why not use bridge mode on the AR300M? You can set bridge mode in the UI if you use firmware v2.261.

If you don’t want to use bridge mode, surely you can set up port forwarding etc but have to understand how RDP work. You need to know the port RDP is using.

What is bridge mode? You mean Repeater WDS mode? In that mode can VPN still work?

I know the RDP ports to forward.

you didn’t mention vpn. No VPN doesn’t work in bridge mode. Bridge can be wired bridge or WDS.

When using vpn, it makes things complicated. You can try to setup port forward in luci.