Reach client in 'router behind router' configuration

I’m looking to get an AR300M-Lite minirouter and set it behind my main router by cable (LAN -> WAN).
Though I have a technical question: Do the DNS settings (custom DNS and force all clients option) work in Bridge Mode (without DHCP server) ?

My doubt about the Lite version is the missing Ethernet port as I would need to reach, from the minirouter, a device connected by cable to my main router and at the same time be able to continue using my custom DNS.

Note: My main router (ISP) doesn’t allow to set custom DNS address

As far as I know (hope), all traffic going through the GL router will be “forced”
Regarding your ISP router - why don’t you chuck it in the bin and get yourself a decent one? Loads on the auction sites. I never heard of a router where you can’t set DNS to manual.

I agree with you. Unfortunately Orange in France doesn’t allow to change the DNS within its router UI and the problem of getting a replacement (decent router), after reading in forums, it’s that only few router models seem being compatible with the triple play services from Orange.

So far using a GLi minirouter has helped to successfully turn around such limitation

Does your ISP hijack the DNS request? If yes then custom DNS will be hijacked by them. Then you can use dns-forwarder to change DNS request to tcp so that they don’t hijack it.

Bridge will not work in the mini router.

In my case, only the DNS settings are blocked in the ISP router and connecting behind a GLi router with custom DNS solves the issue.

However if Bridge will not work then my main concern about the AR300M-Lite (without LAN port) is to know if the minirouter’s clients can reach a device that is connected to a LAN port of my ISP router.

Precisely in a configuration ‘router behind router’ where the primary router is my ISP router and the client router is the AR300M-Lite, my question is:
Will a device connected in WiFi to the client router be able to reach a device connected by cable to the primary router ?

I have an audio receiver with Airplay that works only with ethernet, therefore my question. To get an idea, I will test if it works with an AR150.

Just to inform. When using the configuration ‘router behind router’ or so-called connection by cable (primary router LAN –> minirouter WAN), I can ping from a client linked to the minirouter to a client linked to the primary router but not in the opposite direction.

In my case I can see the Airplay device through its IP address but, even so, the Airplay feature doesn’t work because it needs multicast DNS. Something that technically speaking is out of my reach then the best solution for me will be to stick using a minirouter with a LAN port.