Real time stats on my Pauli router don't appear

I have just enabled this in the web interface, refreshed and waited but there are no stats adding up on the screen. Is there an issue with this functionality ?

What is your device model and firmware version?

GL-XE300C4E is the model. The firmware is the latest non beta one, whatever that would be as of 22nd March 2023. I had updated it around this date.

Have you tried resetting? Are there any error messages in the logs?

This feature in the 3.x firmware is CPU heavy and may not work if you are using other high load services.

Tried a reset and no difference.

Is this device going to get a v4 firmware upgrade ?

It’s going to get 4.x, but not soon. It’s not on the list of the first older models to be upgraded.

We have just uploaded the 4.x beta version. You can try it.