Reaver pro II firmware installed on AR-150

hello I wonder if you can install reaver pro II firmware my AR-150, as seen on youtube and a video in which the firmware peneapple if that can be installed, want someone to guide me a bit to see if this is possible. Thank you.

Can you give a link about the firmware download? I didn’t find a link.

Hi This is the link!sk9CgD4R!L0RSTzPO79bgv7k6f3eXzkUtrGDc7iq5AeTivCHs8c0

Router alfa AP121U
Atheros 400mhz / 16mb flash / 64mb ram

Downloaded. I will try.

work for GL-AR150 login in web interface login: reaver password: foo


Firmware 15.209

So does this mean reaver pro II firm just works? without any modification? This extends the use for this device a lot, for penetration testing with an external battery

Would it be possible to run the wifi pinneaple firmware from hack5 too? I’m not sure if it is very different Legacy Devices - Hak5 Forums

Also is the usb working properly for usb storage or to add an external antenna? This chipset is known to suffer from usb power problems

The wifi pineapple firmware works on GL-iNet6416 without problem.


posible Mark 5 2.4.0 port in GL-AR150 ?


for GL-iNet6416

Yes. It is possible to port to AR150. Will try next week.

I also tried the firmware for GL.iNet6416. It works good although has some bugs. e.g. the wlan cannot be turn on/off by clicking the check box.

Openwrt beeing small and simple, is a great and easy way to learn about linux, networks and security.

So apart from having the latest stable openwrt avaliable, it would be great to have a firmware like the wifi pineapple to do some pentesting. “If you want peace, get ready for war”. You’ve got to know what attacks you need to defend against

Maybe a decent own port or pentesting adapted firmware. So you’ve got the poison to test vulnerabilities and the remedy

Do you think it would be possible to do it too for the mediatek routers you will have?

As along we have the source code, it is possible to have the firmware for all of our routers. We will be able to develop wifipineapple next week.

It would be nice if you would report on it if it worked on ar-150 and pineapple firmware. Thanks

Hello Alzhao that news I have, works pro Reaver II firmware in the AR-150, have you tried it

Hello Mario

Yes the Reaver Firmware works with the gl-ar150 follow this link and download the latest,bin File: Reaver Pro Firmware - Updates | Xiaopan Forums


After that simply press the reset button for about 5 Seconds (the red light should flashes a few times) then go to and simply upload the firmware after 2 minutes you´r ready

Sorry guys, I was out for most of the days and didn’t get a chance to test.

@Rene, do you confirm it works on AR150?

Yes Alfie, it´s working on the gl-ar150 (Reaver Pro Firmware - Updates | Xiaopan Forums)

when it will be Mark 5 ? for GL-AR150

I am trying to understand the mechanics of all this, or at least make sure I have this right.

I think I am reading there are 2 different tools, Reaver II and Pineapple. Basically this firmware replaces the existing router firm-ware (OpenWrt). One then can connect to the router via a laptop (wired LAN? or wireless, mobile device via wireless) and run the tool. It uses the wireless radio (WAN side or just not really relevant?) to survey the target wireless.

What is the use of the Alfa wireles adapter. Second radio for the scan as opposed to the connection (or visa versa)?

Can one go back to OpenWrt?

@RangerZ, the 2nd radio is used for scan. The problem of only one radio, is that when you use it for scanning, as client and AP combined, it will become unstable. This is because of the driver and OpenWrt will not address this.

Yes, these firmware are just customized firmware using OpenWrt and you can change from one to another.

@saimonyz, Mark5, we didn’t have a time to work on this. It is near Chinese New Year and a lot of work needs to be done. I hope somebody else can work on this.