Recomended moder for purely a Wireguard client gateway?

I recently moved from Untangle (due to 3x subscription price increase) to OPNSense and I have discovered that OPNSense’s VPN client management system is truly awful. So I am looking into a gateway device to only handle being my LAN’s wireguard client gateway to handle on the fly node/location switching and split tunnel management. I have 1.5gbps WAN Fiber and a 10G LAN backhaul and moving to 2.5G for LAN clients.

I have several GLI travel routers a GL-E750, GL-AR750S and a MT300 and I tried to use the 750S for this purpose but I could not get it to work in bridge mode and it produces less than 100mbps speeds on average over a few days of testing. Whereas using wireguard client software on my test desktop I average under 800mbps speeds.

I have a Rasperry Pi 4 and tried to use that, but the command line hurts and I can’t get split tunnel working at all, so I couldn’t even get a full day of speed testing with it. It has a worse interface than OPNSense.

I do not need wifi, routing or anything else out of this device, just stick it in bridge mode and as a wireguard client gateway. Do you have a device you can recommend for my needs? Or is there a way to install your skin over an OpenWRT VM on my hypervisor to accomplish this?


The modem providing fastest Wireguard is AX1800. In lab it could reach 600+Mbps.

Now the firmware cannot work in other models.

600mbps would be ok for me! Can I put the AX1800 in bridge mode and still use it as a wireguard client gateway?

When you use as Wireguard client, you should put it in Rotuer mode.

Gateway = Router mode

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Thanks but won’t that produce a double NAT problem with my OPNSense edge computer? Is there a work around to avoid the double NAT problem?