Recommendations For Travel Router

I’m looking at a Travel Router, but I wasn’t sure which was the best choice.

The first need was for creating a network for the car, so the kids can play their devices together. Switch Lites, etc…

I do travel for work, and since I also take the family places, this looks like a pretty awesome solution for other needs. I know I want one that supports Captive Portals, since we’re in a lot of hotels and airline clubs. This would solve the same issue as being in the cars with connecting their gaming devices.

After looking around, I really like the features of the Gl.Inet travel routers: Tor, Ad captures, encrytion, VPN, and different methods of connection.

The one thing I’m trying to figure out is if these can be powered off a cigarette lighter with a 3A or so charger. I’m not really seeing much about it other than it’s USB-C powered and comes with a Power Supply.

I do have one of these splitters for another, in car solution, and I saw it has a USB-C PD 20w port. I figured maybe that would power one in the car?

I am digging the Slate AX, since it seems more future proof with WiFi 6… but not sure I really need that much. It also looks like it has a built in battery, and that may be handy. I’m guessing that the built in battery is used to run them when you don’t have an available power source. If I’m wrong, please let me know. I also like that I can attach my USB SSD to share files, vacation pictures, etc… with family on the road, but that’s not nessary, but may be handy for work when with co-workers and I can use my SSD so we don’t have to VPN back to the office to get files, or me emailing them if needed.

I was also thinking about the Beryl, but I’m reading a lot of people are having issue with SSDs on that for sharing. So maybe one with internal storage would be better, as I wouldn’t need a lot space on the road. I could always transfer to OneDrive or Google One to free up space after I’m done.

I’m not sure about the Slate Plus, it looks like it may be the Slate AX that’s just WiFi 5?

The only other feature I want would be tethering, so I can connect my phone for Internet Acceses if we need it…

So, I’m reaching out here to help find the best solution. You all know more than I…so I figured I would ask before I just blindly buy something.

I know this was a lot to read, so I really appreicate it in advance.

My choice/setup is:

  • at home Slate AX
  • with land line or in Hotel Slate Plus
  • with solar Shadow

@C-pher: would suggest Slate AX. Power from cigarette lighter on usb C. Your mobile will not need additional power source, will use the USB 3 from Slate, same port for tethering. Keep in mind to have an USB C/A for data transfer. Or Thunderbolt to USB A. Consider also a good powerbank.


I would recommend you The Beryl AX, it’s more power efficient than a Slate AX, they both are powerful, and the Beryl AX has a better future because it has a newer architecture and kernel version, it has a MediaTek CPU, in theory it means better and longer support, make sure to pay attention to the comparison between them before choosing though (it’s WiFi 6 too, but I haven’t tried on a captive portal)


That’s the one thing that I would like to make sure work, as I would want to use the one I choose with a captive portal. I spend a lot of time at Airports, Airport Clubs and Hotels. So, being able to use this to create a network that’s private and secure for the family to all connect together, and not rely on the Establishment’s network.

Re: Long term sustainablity/future proofing if/when GL ceases firmware/support.


Re: Powering

The Slate AX includes a 5V/4A (20W) power brick but draws “<8.75W” . This assumes there’s no external USB3 SSD/HDD attached. I have one connected to a 15W Samsung travel charger.

Be aware PD/QC may/will reboot the GL device as other devices are connected/disconnected:

@Steve68, is the main other thing between the Beryl and Slate Ax’s, is the one extra LAN/WAN port? I’m guessing that on the Beryl AX that the ports are WAN/LAN? I would like to be able to use a hard line when possible in a hotel, and still be able to use a LAN port for my equipment for work and connecet that back to my laptop software, with my laptop on WiFi.

Also, as mentioned, as long as I set up the router at home, when I get into the car, regardless if I’m tethering or not, that the devices in the car will still connect to each other. I’m thinking I couold just configure it with the same SSID/Password as home so they are just connect when the router is turned on in the car/hotel/airport.

I’m not the most advanced WiFi person, but know enough to get into trouble. lol

The Beryl AX has a 2.5Gbps WAN port and a LAN port, the Slate AX has a WAN port and 2 LAN ports, you can use the WAN port as a LAN too if you’re in repeater mode. The Bery AX suports more speed, 2402mbps vs 1200mbps on the 5GHz band.

I’ve read people saying it doesn’t support captive portals like the Slate AX, as long as I understand you’re able to register on a captive portal on the Slate AX, but not on the Beryl AX, but if you register through your phone you can clone your phone’s WIFI MAC address on the Beryl AX, that way you should be able to connect to a captive portal using literally any router as along as they support MAC cloning

@Steve68, OK, thank you for that info, I really do appreciate it. I’ll do a little more research, but may just go with the Slate AX since it seems to be the easiest solution. I do wish that the Slate AX had a TF/SD slot for storge, but I can just use my USB-C SSD. But neither does the Slate AX, so honestly, it doesn’t really matter. I can’t see where I would really need both tethering and my SSD at the same time. Do you know if it will recognize a USB hub if I were ever in that situation?

The Slate AX has a micro SD card slot, the Beryl doesn’t sadly. I am not sure about using an external hub since I have never been on that scenario.
Here you have more details

The Slate AX seems a better choice for you

I would recommend using a different SSID for the router. There is a little more upfront setup in connecting the devices to the new SSID but in the long run I think it’s a good idea. For example, at some point you may want to make some changes or do some testing on the router while at home. With a different SSID you can easily connect to the router vs your home network. I have a “hotspot/router” SSID that I use in a variety of devices including phone hotspots when on the road, the router in the RV, etc. Basically any device providing internet that is not my home router.

@Steve68. Hey, thank you so much for you input and help.

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@doczenith1, that’s a good point. It’s really just setting up the SSID and once I get all the devices connected, it’s pretty simple down the road…so, thanks for the input.

I would like to warn you: Most captive portals should work, but it is always some kind of luck included. There will be Wi-Fi networks you won’t be able to access - due to different reasons.

Just keep in mind that there WILL BE situations where you will not be happy with the travel router.


@admon Thank you for the warning. I’ll keep that in mind as I’m out and about for work. I’m also sure there’s going to be a little learning curve as well…but I do appreicate all the input from everyone here.