Recommended USB Modem?

Dear GL-iNET friends.

I recently lost my android phone which was providing internet access to my AR-150 (and sometimes MT-300N) via the USB (USB tethering mode on my phone). As I don’t really need a phone, just a source to provide USB internet access to my GL-iNet devices, I’m thinking I should just buy a USB modem.

My GSM service provider does provide LTE (T-Mobile US, 1700/2100 MHz AWS (band 4, 12)), so would prefer a device that covered these. But would prefer a solid, hassle-free 3G experience over fragile or troublesome 4G.

Any advice is most appreciated!


BTW, I would happily consider the GL-iNET MiFi solution, once it matures to a complete product, e.g. has a case :wink:

The MiFi case will be finished soon. We have made the sample and it looks great.

For the modem, you still need to search your local stores to get a list of the model.

As a reference, please check list from ofmodemsandmen:

Do you plan to install the ROOter variant of OpenWRT on your MiFi solution once it is up and ready? Seems like a smart move, as they have probably been doing a lot of debugging already, no?

Thanks for the pointer to the ROOter site. Trying to read and learn now.

I don’t think we will pre-install ROOter. I understand that they make good firmware, but it is a community.

If our users ask us something, we have to answer, not merely refer them to ROOter. But they are free to install ROOter on the MiFi board, as it is supported without problem.

I understand your reasoning. That said, a detailed HowTo, including a list of well-tested 3G/4G hardware, will certainly help sales. Seems that the ROOter folks have done a great service here, and if it works well, this could be a very nice product for your company!