Recompile superwrt to incorporate tor both lan and wifi

Hi, i own GL6416 and i have superwrt installed. I would like to incorporate tor into the firmware. Please i would like if you could point me to how i can decompile the superwrt firmware, add to functionality and then recompile the firmware.I have searched the net on how to decompile openwrt and recompile to no avail. your assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



@ugooh, “superwrt” do you mean “openwrt”?

In our old website there is a guide: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet
You can use ubuntu to build the environments and build OpenWrt. Just choose “GL.iNet” from menuconfig.

The old website is not reachable with the URL you provided. It says, “The old website is closed.”, and then you are redirected to the new site.

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