Reflash Mango v2 to stock firmware (openwrt/luci)

Well I messed up.

I was having a lot of issues with the current Mango v2 firmware so I stupidly went looking at the firmware download directory and saw:


It said “clean” so I thought it was like an earlier version of the the openwrt firmware. I found out it is Lede and there is no gui that I’m aware of to re-flash the firmware back to 2.261.

I am able to ssh into the device at but I’m really at a loss as to how I would upload and flash 2.261 back on the device so that it has the standard gl-inet firmware and gui. I’m not a power user so I just stepped out of my element and I really have no idea how to get back (again, dumb, I know).

Any help from you command line wizards would be appreciated. I also have WinSCP and can connect to it that way and browse the directories, if that’s somehow easier.



If you have SSH, then I think, the easiest way is install LUCI Web Gui and upgrade FW from web gui.

Thanks all, it worked! I had to use Uboot for my situation, although he Mango v2 flashing lights are a bit different than the video examples in the link. Regardless, I’m back up and running again!