Release Notes

Is there a place I can go to to read the release notes for a particular release? Specifically I’m interested in the Slate AXT-1800. I’m using 4.0.1 and I see that 4.0.3 is in beta. How do I know if I should install a particular release? Also is there an easy way to be notified when a new (beta or stable) release comes out?

The best I can suggest is checking at the source code release:

And on

But i’d agree, I wish GL-Inet gives us a better organized/improved way to check for versions and notes, also for bug fixing since I have also seen versions being removed and re-released when it would be better to call it a snapshot r2 for example and highlight snapshot r1 as broken.

I mean back when craftbukkit (server mod for minecraft) was a thing they had the following system:

Releases → stable
Beta → pre release candidates
Snapshot → can break

And the release notes where the commits from branch x, and if something major was breaking in beta they disabled the download link and a R2 comes back, and mean time on the forums they published a official message, I think it improves the workflow alot by adding so much abstraction but again I’m not GL-Inet :yum:, I hope they note my feedback because it can help :+1: