Remote Access of AR300M

Here is my set-up:
AR300M (, connected to my ISP router (
All clients of the AR300M go through a VPN.

One of the clients of the AR300M is a satellite receiver and what I would like to connect to the satellite box (for example to stream live) when I am in a remote location. I believe this is where the WAN Access menu comes into play but I need some help!



Where is your vpn server?

When you have VPN, everything is changed. WAN access is broken. You cannot access your satellite box because it goes to VPN, not normal Internet.

Now I don’t know how you can access your satellite box. But I think you need to open data forward in the vpn interface in the router and also need to set your vpn sever to forward data.

OK, let’s assume I turn my VPN off.

I had a play with this and found something rather unsettling.
First I enabled WAN Access, then opened my unique DDNS addresss in my browser - Success! I am logged into my router (after entering my password and serial number).
I then turned WAN Access off, cleared my browser cookies and tried again…expecting to be denied access. However, I logged straight in! How is this possible?

Secondly (and back on topic), although I logged into my router, I couldn’t work out a way to access my satellite receiver ( - I beleive this is probably something to do with UPnP but I coudln’t find any tutorials (neither for the WAN Access).


Further testing suggests that once opened, port 83 remains open even after un-checking “Enable WAN Access” and clicking “apply”.

I checked in Luci and “glservice” (which presumably is what the WAN access toggles) is not enabled.