Remote access questions

Can someone help?

  1. If goodcloud and ddns disabled can someone control my router remotely?

  2. Is there any way to remove any possibility to access my router remotely? Remove (!) not disable.

  3. Is goodcloud free for my home router?

DDNS isn't needed for GoodCloud. If both are deactivated, there is no way to manage the router remotely - unless of course VPN, SSH or even HTTP(s) are active from outside. This is not the case by default.

No. Deactivating is the same as removing.


I didn’t understood anything… I bought router, what to disable from box?

You don't need to disable anything; just don't enable the features.

I don’t understand. I think I am dumb… Can you clarify?

Don't enable:

  • SSH Remote Access
  • HTTPS Remote Access
  • GoodCloud

All found somewhere in the routers GUI, depending on the version.
So as long as you did not enable something called "Remote whatever", you can't remotely control the router.

I didn’t enabled them. So no access from remote?

Yep, if you did not enable it - no access.

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At all? Even for support?

If we don't want to start a discussion about possible backdoors somewhere in some kernel module (and I can't say anything about that, I haven't read the source code): Yes, even support can't access the device.

Kernel? As I know it can even bypass firewalls… But I’m not too paranoid :rofl: