Remote Access via DDNS


I need help with remote access to a GL-AR150 or GL-MT300N-V2 router.

A Huawei 4G USB stick is connected to the router. In the stick is a T-D1 SIM card
(Deutsche Telekom) installed. An APN access was selected that assigns a public IP address.
The USB stick is connected to the router via tethering and is given its own IP address (see

My router got the address There is a Mobotix webcam and a
Self-built weather station connected to an ESP-32.

The internet access works fine.

However, I would like to be able to access the router, webcam and ESP-32 remotely. That
has worked with a TP-Link MR3020 so far without any problems. I was able to access the router via No-IP.COM
access via port 8080, the webcam via port 8282 and the ESP32 via port 8383. I had
a port forwarding set up for these devices.

With the two tested GL-Inet routers, however, I can’t even get to the router console! Neither
via the GL-Inet DDNS routine, or via the established No-IP DDNS routine.

I can see in the router software that the router is getting the current public IP address. However, remote access does not work either on the router console or via the
other ports on the webcam or the ESP-32.

Can someone please tell me what exactly I have to set in order to remotely use port 8080
or 8443 to be able to access the router console (port 80 or 443)? I have already
tried everything possible. With the TP-Link router I managed to do that without any problems!

I read here in the forum that quite a few have this problem. Most of the time is here
however, the GL-Inet router is connected behind a Fritz box or similar. This is not the case for me

It would be great if someone could help me!

Best regards
Manfred Koehler

As your Huawei stick is working in tethering mode, you should set up port forward or DMZ on it to (which is the IP of the GL router I think).

Have you done this part?

Hello alzhao,

thanks for reply! After a factory reset and new configuration (with a port forwarding) the remote access works fine! Also the access to my ESP-32 and my Mobotix webcam!

Kind regards

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