Remote Desktop Access to Home VPN Connected Machine

I’m having some issues accessing a laptop that is connected to a Brume via ethernet. The Brume is my home VPN hosting a wireguard vpn server and I have a Slate AX acting as the client to which I connect my pc while traveling. Currently, I am not able to remote into the laptop via RDC using the laptop’s IP which is connected to the Brume until after the laptop is signed into my work VPN and then access through my work’s virtual machine via RDC.

I need to be able to connect to the Laptop offsite, to initiate the work VPN connection and then reconnect via my work’s VMWare RDC as this connection will kick me out. Currently, I need to have someone onsite log in to the laptop then initiate the work VPN (Global Connect) and not until then can I connect remotely to this laptop. Im not sure what settings I have wrong that I cant access the laptop through RDC within my wireguard VPN.

I currently have the RDC TCP port forwarding setup to the laptops assigned IP. Not sure what else to do.

  • Which router (which model?) are you using? MT2500 as the VPN Server & AXT1800 as client
  • Which firmware version is in use? both running 4.4.6
  • How is your router connected to the Internet? Ethernet via Modem > Nest Wifi > Brume
  • Which DNS server do you use? The local one of your ISP
  • Do you use DHCP or static IP addresses? DHCP


please follow these steps to give us more information about the issue itself:

In particular, traceroute from your remote device to the Windows laptop would be necessary.
Are you sure that RDP is allowed on your device outside the company network?

I have messed with this more and I can access the laptop when I set up a site 2 site so Im thinking I must have the settings wrong on the vpn or something. Any thoughts?

Yeah, there are some things wrong.

But since you don’t share configs nor logs nor details about the troubleshooting … this is the only thing we can say for sure :wink: