Remote GL-X750 V2 Can't Connect - Prob Out of Memory

I tried to install a plugin (wakeonlan) on a remote GL-X750 V2 and it failed with not enough memory, it ran the memory down to 132k but I could find no way remove the partial install as it didn’t actually install. Since the last reboot I cannot access the modem, its accessed via its 4G connection. It is connected to a GSM power switch and I have cycled the power 3 or 4 times but the modem is not coming online. I presume it ends up in some out of memory crashed state on boot that will require a 350 mile trip to sort it out!

I thought this was a premium product, first of all there is so little RAM you can’t install anything on it, secondly it appears if an install decides to eat nearly all the memory it leaves the device in a state where it won’t boot anymore after a power cyle?

When I eventually get to the remote site to fix this, am I going to have to full reset or is there any way to recover this.

To say I am disappointed with this modem is an understatement, surely there should be some failsafe so at least it would connect.

I am having the same problem of low space, how do I delete the luci menu webpage? I installed it on more settings>advanced settings, but I don’t need it anymore

For devices with only 16Mb Flash, find out Mount Points in Luci (3.203 firmware) and how to extroot / overlay with a USB flash memory or SD card and in this way you will expand the space to install plugins without problems.
Example with AR750 with a 512Mb old USB flash memory in router USB port.

Thanks for the reply, when doing this, is it only plugins that end up on the SD Card? What happens if the SD fails, I need a reliable router that won’t end up in this crashed state. At this point the router is useless as its in some state that I cannot recover with power cycling.

If the router needs a certain amount of memory to startup I cannot understand why it doesn’t have some failsafe built in to allocate what memory it needs for itself, it seems like its just another piece of half finished rubbish with a high price tag.

Yes if the SD fails the plugin fails, of course, but I have these 2 old 512mb USB sticks in my 2 AR750 routers for now several months and no problem at all and here the power goes out several times a day sometimes…

The new routers have more Flash memory space like the AR750S with 128MB and others more recent. In my AR750S I have no problem to install plugins.
And I bought these little routers because I could bring them here where I live when it was forbidden to bring these kinds of devices. :shushing_face: But some people forget that these devices are designed primarily for travel, not for having a tremendous Wi-Fi system at home. Now they are making more devices for home Wi-Fi needs.

At this point I’m not sure whether to just dump the X750 as a bad experience and move to a brand with a better LTE solution, a remote router that is unrecoverable via a power cycle is unacceptable.

The GL-X750V2 isn’t marketed as a travel router although that is probably all it is fit for.

I may the try the SD card when I can get to the router but will probably change to something more reliable instead.

I can’t tell you more … my experience with glinet is fine, they can improve their routers, of course, like all the brands on the market … but for me and my needs these routers are fine for the moment, although they are already staying a little old already, but that is with everything related to electronics hahaha

You do not need to delete the luci web page. You can use it or the other (easy page). Just save the luci in your browser, and goto
for the easy page. Or whatever address you set the router to.

But if you want to get rid of Luci
Go to glinet Admin Panel> Applications> Plugins and type “luci” in the white bar and click Uninstall.
.LUCI ONLY to get rid of luci advanced settings page.

My question was nothing to do with deleting the Luci page, start a new thread rather than hijacking mine!

It is true, sorry, I have tried to answer the doubts that there are here, they have seemed to me that I could help in this post.
Do you have found solution for your problem?

I don’t know the solution to my problem until I get to router which is 350 miles away.

I have many questions which most likely cannot be answered until I get to the router but I would like to try and work out a backup solution before I go to it in a weeks time.

If I am going to stick with this router I need to be able to get it back it online remotely.

Would anyone like to speculate what state it might be in and what might be accessible. My presumption is that the boot up doesn’t complete due to it only having 132k storage left, is the router likely to be in a state where any of the interfaces are still accessible, eg WiFi or LAN working?

In its current boot state the 4G modem is offline, if the LAN port is up I could possibly add a backup 4G dongle on the PC and use that to access the X750 to re-configure it. If all the interfaces are down then I don’t know what remote option I could use if it gets in this state again?

I have attached a screenshot of the error that caused the problem trying to install wakeonlan, the modem was still accessible until a reboot. While it was online I could find no way to undo/remove the failed wakeonlan install to get some space back.


After experimenting with another GL-X750 V2 I managed to replicate the exact problem, it runs so low on memory that on a reboot it factory defaults itself, it resets everything as if it was fresh out of the box.

This on its own would not be a major issue except the factory default leaves the 4G modem offline, when this the only connection it leaves a remote X750 with no way to access it.

This leaves 2 questions:

  1. Why does the 4G not come online automatically from a factory default?
  2. Is there a way to modify the factory default config to ensure the 4G comes online from default?

In case Glinet never bother to fix the mess the x750 can get into, I wrote this shell script which runs from the remote PC connected to the x750 LAN port. You need to schedule it to run using cron or windows task scheduler over ssh to the x750. It checks if the wwan LTE modem is down and restarts it. If the x750 gets defaulted through a crash it will also add back in your goodcloud settings and enable it, this should be enough to at least bring the LTE modem back up and access it remotely to reconfigure it.

wwan_isup=ifconfig |grep -c wwan0
gl_cloud=uci show |grep| grep -c 1
epoch=date +%s000

if [ $gl_cloud -eq “0” ]; then
echo “GL Cloud is Disabled”
uci set
uci set‘1’
uci set‘’
uci set‘yourusername’
uci set‘youremail’
uci set$epoch
uci set‘1’
uci commit

if [ $wwan_isup -eq “0” ]; then
echo “LTE Modem is offline”
local bus=“$1”
[ -z “$bus” ] && return 1
local iface=modem_“$(echo “$bus”|sed ‘s/-/_/g’)”
[ -z “$(uci -q get network.$iface)” ] && {
gl_modem -B “$bus” connect-auto &


modem_auto_connect “1-1.2”

The firmware didn’t connect auto, because of some reason. But in some of our models we have this. You can do this easily. Add the following line to /etc/rc.local

gl_modem connect-auto &

If you install software packages and used all of the storage space, the router will not be able to local system during next startup so it is like it is reset. But you need to do a real reset manually in this case. Do this form the UI or press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.