Remote IP Camera to Local NVR

My home network is DD-WRT router that is my DNS server, and Firewalla box that is my Open VPN server. I have a GLiNet router that is in my storage shed for serving a remote Reolink IP camera. However, this shed is too far away from the house to receive my wifi, so I am using my neighbors wifi. The camera works great in the app (VPN client isn’t even necessary for that), but I want the camera to “think” it’s at home and record to my NVR that serves my home cameras.

The problem with that, is even though the router is configured with OpenVPN, the camera sees its DNS server as the (foreign) GLiNet router. I can get the router to be a slave to the DNS server of the remote internet connection as a repeater, but I need the camera to get its IP address from my home router for the NVR to think its at home and record accordingly. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

This needs to be bridge mode, which may be difficult.

But maybe bridge mode is not necessary. Can you check how does your Camera find your NVR? Generally it is by IP address and you can config this in your camera?

To add the camera to the app, they use a unique “UID” which allows it to simply “find” the camera over the internet.

The NVR allows me to add it only via IP address and port. But, when I add it using its IP address assigned by the GLiNet router, it can’t find it. I’m guessing it needs to have the same DNS server (my router) which I thought would be easier with openvpn…

This may not relate to DNS. As long as the NVR’s IP address is accessible from the vpn client router side, it should work. Can you verify this?

Generally in the openvpn server settings, there is option if you allow vpn client be able to access the local network. We have this option in our oepnvpn server settings, not sure about firewalla.

That specific option is not visible in the firewalla vpn server. However, my travel glinet router is able to access my amazon fire recast box when connected through the vpn, so apparently accessing the local network is not a problem…