Remote SSH to router possible in a site to site setting?

Hi there, looking for understand if it is possible an SSH to the remote (second) Mango I’m connected in site to site setting from a lan under the local (first) Mango. In other words, from my PC under the first Mango LAN I have access to all the settings of the remote (second) Mango, but when I try with putty an SSH to have access to the router: connection refused !
Tried all settings I think are appropriate, but still connection refused. May anyone help me ?


  1. If your network typology is like above, it should work that SSH from PC to Second Mango by default setting.
  2. What is your each Mangos’ firmware version?
  3. You can try the RTTY Cloud - GL.iNet Docs

Hi Leo, thanks for your reply. Yes, the SSH works as expected. Yesterday have flagged the post to submit to the mod for remove my post, since I found it was memorized a wrong IP, and I was repeatedly making the same mistake.