Removing Astrorelay config from Router

Hi there,

I set up Astrorelay in my GL-MV1000 router in order to configure a Wireguard VPN in a not public IP address scenario (ISP blocks by some reason).

The configuration script executed fine, and the Wireguard VPN is working perfect.

My question is: if one day I opt by stop using Astrorelay, how do I revert the config that was done?
Is there another script to remove Astrorelay? Are there some packages that I need to remove?


A factory reset should clear out AstroRelay and an other related changes.

Did anyone figure out how to do this? Factory reset is too drastic (takes some time to set it all up again) - there should be a simple uninstall process?

You can just remove the config file and it should be ok.

Also you can remove the software package if you want.

I don’t have everything at hand but these can be easily found by checking the installation script.