Removing device from VPN policy makes device lose connectivity on GL-B1300

Seems GL-B1300 has a bug with VPN policies.

While connected on VPN (wireguard) if you remove a device from VPN policy list (which should switch its connection from the VPN tunnel to straight to WAN) it makes such device drop the connection. As a workaround you can toggle VPN policy off and on, and device will now be off VPN policy list and will have connectivity. It is however an annoying bug.

Can someone at GL-inet look into this. Thanks

I will record in the list and check.

This is happening in version 3.105 of the firmware. Thanks

Further info for this bug. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time. Sometimes removing a device off the VPN policy list and hitting ‘apply’ will keep connectivity for that device going, and will successfully remove it from the VPN tunnel.

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