Repeater features improvement in 4.6.0 firmware

I just got notified of the 4.6.0 firmware for the GL-MT3000 "Beryl" router that I own and love.

I would like to know more about the "repeater features improvements" if possible.
What exactly are those improvements? Would they improve the stability, or the speed, or both? And... how?

Very curious about what is happening behind the courtains.

Thank you very much,

Will have a separate post. If you want a quick answer:

  1. Optimized wifi scan
  2. Randomied mac address per SSID
  3. Portal detection, authentication (portal login) mode which ensure portal page can pop up
  4. Manual IP address, mtu and ttl settings etc.

OK, thank you very much. So no actual performance improvements.

Speaking of which, I recently updated the firmware to 4.5.16 and was able to repeat a network that was not accessible beforehand. Is that a coincidence or have been there performance improvements up to now?

There is great performance improvement in the new repeater design.
Much faster and stable.


What about Gl router BSSID/SSID? Can it be randomised?

Yes. But that is not part of repeater.

Hello, just got notified of 4.6.2 version, but it has the very same description

  • Improved the user experience with the repeater feature. Resolved an issue where most hotspots using Captive Portal could not be repeated.
  • Improved the display of IPv6 addresses, and added support for customization of the interface language packs.

I'm puzzled. Is this one extra improvement over 4.6.0? A bugfix release? Please clarify. Many thanks

4.6.2 is some minor bug fix based on 4.6.0

But then why don't you say that in the release notes, rather than copying the 4.6.0 release notes?

It would me more clear to us customers.

Maybe even describing what minor bugs were fixed.

By duplicating another firmware's notes your useless are left totally clueless.