Repeater Mode GL.iNet GL-MT3000

I did an event at a Hotel and needed to use repeater mode. I am connected to their 5G network Most of my devices are connected via a switch to the router but I want to connect my iPad to the Wi-Fi but it keeps disconnecting me. How can I fix that? I think it’s because I am connected to there 5G network.I have 2.4 and 5GHz setup on the travel router.

Try disconnecting one device and then connect the ipad to wifi. Make sure it isn’t a capacity issue.

I tried my Macbook Pro no luck too

Can your try connecting to the GL-MT3000 over 2.4GHz wifi, instead of 5GHz?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Try the channel and security options of the WiFi. Channels above 48 are DFS. WPA3 isn’t widely compatible. Also make sure your SSID doesn’t have any spaces in it.

I normally have no issues other places just this place.

I can’t remember if I had done that.

If you have the WiFi passkey then I presume you’re accessing legitimately and the hotel router is isn’t rejecting the MAC address.

Connect with another device like a mobile phone and look at the connection details like IP, gateway, dns etc and copy those into the router as static, then connect to the WiFi.