Repeater unable to connect to home WiFi

Just received my GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) and attempted to connect it to my home router via Wi-Fi – Plan to connect another GL (Opal) router via ethernet when it arrives in a few days) but wanted to get my OpenVPN configurations set up before travelling.

I had do problem logging into and performing initial setup of the router. But it refuses to connect to my home router’s WiFi. (Indicator remains orange) Usually I see this:

but also received this error once as well:

To confirm the issue wasn’t with the GL router, I set my cellphone up as a hotspot and successfully set the repeater to connect to it. Blue indicator light, able to access the internet, etc.

I know troubleshooting my home internet cable modem/router (Motorola MG7540) is far outside the scope of this forum. I have had zero issues connecting other devices (phones, laptops, tablets, tvs, ipcams, etc.) to the router, until today. Both routers are in the same room, so it isn’t a signal issue.

Any general ideas why they’re not playing nice with each other? Thanks!

Just wanted to add that I tried hooking it up via ethernet… Same issue.