Replacement battery for GL-MiFi


where can i purchase a new battery for the GL-MIFI (Kanyo, 3.7V,

Ronny Bachmann

Bangkok MBK :slight_smile:

Can you find something locally? The connector should be the same and the battery should be able to output 2A current continuously and 5A peak.

I got from IT Shop Schäpers UG two new batteries for 21,- USD incl. postage.

What about the newer 6-pin version? I’m not finding it anywhere on the English-language internet

This is a post 2 years ago. Now all mifi should use a 5-pin battery.

Ok, though I just need to replace the battery now that it’s swollen up. The device itself still works fine but only while plugged to external power.

Please send an email with your shipping address to our, we can help to check the availability of battery shipping.