Replacement battery for the xe300 router?

I’m wondering if anyone here has ever managed to get hold of a replacement battery for the xe300 router?
I have one around 9 months old or so that has a bad battery. Support is saying they don’t sell batteries and asking for an order number to investigate replacement options. Unfortunately i have no way of finding the order number for this specific router as i’ve purchased around 200 xe300s in the last year. Support does not seem to be able to comprehend this so i thought i’d ask about batteries here.
I have no problem pulling the router apart and putting in a new battery if i can find one.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

If they can’t look up the order number by using the device serial … you could just send them any order number. :sweat_smile:

i know, but honesty? :grimacing:
Honestly, it seems strange and on definite warranty cases i have done this, but in this case i’m honestly just guessing and i’d almost rather have the parts than a replacement.

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