Replacement Power Adapter (Beryl Router)


I recently lost my power adapter for the Beryl Router (the USB C one). Does anyone here have any suggestion for something I can find locally through Amazon? Ordering a replacement through the GL Inet store is about $50 USD (shipping is killer).

Any ideas?

Any USB-C brick over 15w will do, plus a cable. Given it is a travel router, it might be time to think about one with more than one output. Be aware though, that the high powered GaN multi-output bricks reconfigure themselves when another device is plugged in, with the half-second interruption enough to trigger a reboot. But the Beryl boots fast.


You can use:

  • PD usb-c charger as mentioned above, as any of them providing >=15W will include 5V 3A as option. Probably worth to consider only >=65W, as 65W are now “cheap” and cover all the basic usages of usb-c (phones 5V, routers 5V or 12V, power banks 5V - 15V, laptops 20V), so the device will be fully multifunctional. Baseus produces the lite 65W which is very portable. I usually carry 1 in my bag.

  • Multiport usb-a chargers, they usually have 6 ports and 60W, providing each port at most 5V 3A. Useful for basic 5V charge with up to 6 devices connected. Each port is independent, so plugging/unplugging a new device does not affect the others. I use RAVpower 60W 12A 6-Port Desktop Charger.

  • Travel adapters with usb-c, usb-a ports. Very useful when only 1 socket is available. I use Wontravel JY-308PRO 45W 3 USB+PD.

For local ordering in Amazon or similar probably the easiest to find is the multiport usb-a charger (6 ports) or any PD Gan charger.

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