Replacement Serial Number and MAC-address

I have an excellent and elegant router GL-MT300A :upside_down_face:
How do I change in it Serial Number and MAC-address?
Or destroy them?

I am not sure why you want to change or destroy them.

You can destroy the product but the data is stored in our database anyway.

Please, I will explain it willingly :slightly_smiling_face:
I want to use your wonderful router for the Whonix deanimization system as a gateway, which is the first in the chain.
Unfortunately, the Serial Number of the router deanonymizes it and the entire system as a whole.
Therefore, it must either be changed or destroyed.

The MAC and SN, is static date stored on the router. It is the same as radio data, which you should not touch.

If you change firmware, the new firmware may not read the sn at all.

But most firmware need to read the mac address. The mac address can be changed in the firmware as well. it does not need to read the factory stored data.

Ok, thank you. So, what new firmware should I install so that it does not read and does not transmit s/n anywhere?

I am more interested in where do you find the s/n in the traffic? I couldn’t identify it, by a short test.
Except I’m in the admin panel, because it is not httpS://, for given reasons. And if the device itself won’t provide httpS:// only, I would not dig deeper in overcompensating ‘security’.

My Beryl does exactly what I’ve paid for. Providing a more secure ‘private’ network in my RV. I wouldn’t send confidential government documents on this line, but it is enough for checking emails and do amazon shoping.

Firmware from OpenWrt is clean.

Yes, you are right, initially the serial number is not transmitted to the network.
But if we hypothetically assume that a malicious exploit has crept into the system, then it can do this
dirty trick.
Therefore, I want in advance to prevent such a dangerous possibility.

Thanks alzhao I will try to use this clean firmware.