Replacing modem in gl-x750v2 with 5g?

I was discussing 5g router options when someone on Reddit suggested building my own with a quectel rm502q-ae card. It occurred to me that my x750 I’m using on TMobile has a replaceable card slot. Any idea if I could order one of these quectel rm502q-ae on AliExpress, drop it into my x750, and have access to 5g on Tmo? Yes, my plan supports it, I’m just discussing the hardware side of things.

It has m.2 interface. While X750 use PCIe interface.

So physically they are not compatible.

There is such a thing as an m.2 to PCIe adapter. I have used it before and it works well. You need to replace the antennas though since the connector is also different. The adapter is quote tall so it may not physically fit. Also most gl.inet routers have a heat sink for the modem which may not be possible in the adapter.

the E750 Mudi V1 has mini pcie and the Ev50V2 Mudi has m.2
EP06-A vs EM06-a

but the rm502q-ae is a m.2 3052 size and the em06-a is a m.2 3042 size