Replacing uboot bootloader with BREED on GL-AR300M16

Is it possible on the AR300M16?
Which one should I use?
breed-qca953x.bin or breed-qca953x-letv-lba-047-ch.bin

Apparently letv-lba-047-ch is a router [OpenWrt Wiki] Letv LBA-047-CH

Soo I assume I should use breed-qca953x.bin?

out of curiosity, why are you looking to replace the bootloader?

Looking to overclock it

The pepe2k uboot mod might be better but :man_shrugging:

If you can help please do

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I would think that the first one would cover you but I am just guessing.

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Thank you

I would love to get confirmation that it’s “safe” to flash it from gl inet staff (@alzhao hello :sweat_smile:)

No. You should not flash other uboot which is not developed for the router.

Although it might boot. But please note ddr and flash may needs extra drivers. Also messing the GPIO default level may cause the router fail to boot.